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With the moonsun method you will learn how create balance between giving and receiving, you will learn how to support the energy you’re lacking: feminine or masculine., and at the same time we will be activating life force energy, channeling the moon and sun energy in order to manifest and create from the heart. We will also be working with Cacao, the medicine of the heart. Everything in our planet is build upon the masculine and feminine energies, we all carry these two energies inside our body, when these to energies are in balance together they open up the heart chakra, allowing you to give and to receive, you are able to manifest and materialize all your dreams into reality, these energies work hand by hand.

Masculine Energy

(right side of our body)

The divine masculine energy is the giving, protective energy is the one that creates the feeling of safety, it is a supportive and forward moving energy. It gets stuff done and it is what makes us feel safe in this world, like we belong here and it gives us healthy boundaries and the healthy ego identity. It is what makes us individuals. and is analytical and focused on detail. It is the yang to the yin. The divine masculine honors the divine feminine and her gifts. He knows that her intuition, creative gifts and visions need to be birthed and shared and the divine masculine is what makes that happen. It is physiologically the left side of our brain and the right side of our body.

Drives Action
Creates the feeling of safety
Inner Fire
Giver energy
Sun energy

Feminine Energy

(left side of our body)

The divine feminine energy is the receiving, intuitive and creative energy. The femsafetinessinine energy has the creative vision, inspiration, intuition and the connection to spirit, and mother earth. It is our emotional and creative aspect of us. It feels everything as one and connected. It opens and receives the divine masculine and appreciates the gifts it gives her of support, purpose, protection and forward action which allows her to open, be the life force of creation and receive abundance. It is physiologically the right side of our brain and left side of our body.

Receiving energy
Moon energy


Why do we need a balance between our masculine and feminine energies?

Energetically our female side energy just needs to be, it needs to be relaxed and open up to receive, open up and accept to receive the gifts of the masculine and the universe. She supports the masculine energy holding space. She allows him into her inner space to allow creation to manifest. Whereas the masculine energy provides sense of safetiness and security We need our masculine and feminine energies to be in balance for the creation process of manifesting everything in our lives from fulfilling relationships to our physical needs in this world, and most of all to have a loving relationship with ourselves. It is how we can have a better quality relationship with everything and a better quality of life here on earth in harmony with spirit. Each side supports the other in their unique way. The masculine supports the feminine and the feminine opens and accepts the masculine. In order to succeed in manifesting everything we want in our lives is important to have in alignment these two energies inside our bodies, our feminine energy will lead when having an idea of the creation of a new project or having inspiration to create
something, awakening our creative part, When wanting to make this idea a reality and put it into action our masculine energy will be supporting us. If our masculine and feminine energies are out of balance we will Project this in the outside world, in the way you give and you receive, in the relations you attract, behaviors, patterns. If our energy system of giving/receiving masculine/feminine has been disrupted. Our left and right side of our brain not connecting and working as a
whole we cannot Live in balance. Unbalances also reflect on physical symptoms depending the side of our body that has been blocked. With the moonsun activation program you will learn how to create balance between giving and receiving, you will learn how to support the energy you’re lacking: feminine or masculine. Aligning these two energies will help you unblock heal and cleanse your body from various physical symptoms, illness, pain and repressed fears. allowing both of this energies to trust one another and flow in a natural rhythm. You will learn how to activate life
force energy inside your body in order to manifest everything you want in a quicker and more powerful way.


Materialize all your dreams into reality

I will be guiding you into a journey, though breath work, life force activation and meditation. We will begin by building up the masculine and feminine energy in our physical bodies, this method works with the expansion and contraction principle. though expansion and contraction life is created, this is the rhythm of the earth, the rhythm of our heart. this will allow us to open up to receive the new energy inside our bodies. once creating this life force energy inside our bodies we will direct this new energy into manifesting everything we want, when having all this energy available for us theres no limits.

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